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Essay question Essays - Dentistry, Health, Dental Hygienist

Essay question Essays - Dentistry, Health, Dental Hygienist Essay question: "Describe an occupational health, occupational safety or campus environmental issue relevant to your university/ college or community (provide supporting information, facts and data). Examine and discuss what actions and/or programs are needed to solve this issue." Most have to go through life's struggles of discovering what type of person they are and then eventually who they want to be. For me, this process took minimal searching because I've always known myself to be conscientious of others, caring, well grounded, and passionate about whatever I have my intentions set on. After countless conversations with my dental hygienist, my interest in becoming a hygienist came as a result of who I am and who I wanted to be. While studying for my undergraduate degree in 2010, I had an amazing opportunity volunteering with the Piedmont Regional Missions of Mercy Project. This experience allowed me to help dental patients without healthcare. This allowed me to gain insight to understand the importance of providing patient care and promote good health. As I got older and was able to explore the different fields in dentistry, I knew dental hygiene would be my primary choice. It is the field of dentistry that best compliments the attributes of me as a perso n which gives me an opportunity to help people better themselves with the passion and knowledge I possess. With that and the implementation of my skill set, I would have the opportunity to make it a career. After having the pleasure of working under the exceptional Dr. Garland Davis, it is without a doubt that dental hygiene has become a passion of mine. While being employed for him, I was able to observe, understand, and assist with the tasks that the hygienists and Dr. Davis performed. This allowed me to gain insight to understand the importance of providing patient care and promote good health. Learning, understanding, and completing task that involved the day-to-day operations of the profession provided hands on comprehension and application. This experience was very beneficial and crucial in aiding my learning process with the field. My congruent work experience from past programs has informed me tremendously in the multi faceted nature of health care business. My life goal won 't be accomplished until I can help as many individuals through my work as possible. This degree will not only aid in my achievement, but will give me the tools to have the best career.

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Free sample - Celiac Disease. translation missing

Celiac Disease. Celiac DiseaseCeliac disease affects the small intestines. When one has a celiac disease there is allergic reaction in the small intestines towards gluten that is commonly found in wheat, barley and oats. This immunological reaction results in an inflammation that destroys the inner lining of the small intestines (Fasano Troncone, 2008). This eventually reduces the absorption of important nutrients into the body leading to symptoms of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Celiac disease is also referred to as non-tropical sprue or gluten enteropathy Celiac disease is mostly common in European countries such as Sweden, Italy and Ireland. United States has also indicated a high prevalence rate in Celiac disease though the symptoms of this disease are only visible in the late stages of life. Causes The allergic reaction towards gluten in the small intestines causes inflammation that completely destroys the small intestines. Evidence has shown that this reaction is partially inherited and genetic. This implies that around 11% of first degree relatives of persons with celiac disease have high chances of getting the disease (Fasano Troncone, 2008).   Similarly, around 35% of fraternal twins, and 65% of identical twins have high chances of both the twins having the disease. There are also some specific genes that are only available with individuals with celiac disease Gluten is a type of protein that is present in wheat and comprises of some proteins called gliadin that dissolves in alcohol. The immunological reaction common in celiac disease is caused by the gliadin. Upon the reaction, gliadin becomes toxic and destroys the inner lining of the small intestines. Proteins such as gliadin are formed by long chains of amino acids that are attached to each other. The digestive enzymes present in the small intestines break proteins into smaller chains of amino acids for facilitation of easier absorption (Thompson, 2006).   The allergic reaction in the small intestines could be because gliadin is not completely broken down by the intestinal enzymes causing some long chains of amino acids to remain unbroken. These chains penetrate the cells at the inner intestines and hence causing the damage to the intestinal cells. One of the longer chains of the amino acids attaches to the tissue transglutaminase. In persons with celiac disease, this combination causes an immune reaction that destroys the intestinal cells. Foods that contain gliadin-like proteins such as barley and rye end up causing celiac disease in persons who are genetically predisposed (Thompson, 2006). Oats contain gliadin that cause weak inflammation and only attacks few individuals who are predisposed to get celiac disease. Corn and rice do not cause celiac disease because they lack gliadin-like proteins. Effects in the Small Intestine The inner lining of small intestines has finger-like projections known as villi. They increase the surface area for absorption of nutrients into the blood stream (Blummer, 2010).  Ã‚   The presence of celiac disease destroys the villi through inflammation making the inner lining of the small intestine to be flattened. When the villi are destroyed, it leads to mal-absorption of nutrients that eventually leads to nutrients’ deficiencies, a condition called malnutrition.   The extent of the damage at the small intestines varies from patient to patient and determines the magnitude of the signs and symptoms of the celiac disease. If all the small are affected by the inflammation, then the patient is bound to have rigorous symptoms of mal-absorption. Signs and Symptoms The symptoms for celiac disease range from mild to more advanced signs (Fasano Troncone, 2008). There generally two sets of signs and symptoms namely; symptoms due to mal-absorption and symptoms due to mal-nutrition of vitamins and minerals. Signs and Symptoms of Mal-absorption Celiac disease reduces the absorption of crucial nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Absorption of fat is affected more than the other nutrients and hence most of the gastrointestinal symptoms of celiac disease are caused by the inadequate absorption of fat or fat mal-absorption. Some of these symptoms include diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal bloating and high amounts of aft in the stool (steatorrhea) (Blummer, 2010).   Diarrhea occurs when the unabsorbed fats are broken down into fatty acids by the intestinal bacteria. The fatty acids enhance the secretion of water into the intestine and hence resulting into diarrhea. The fatty stools are voluminous and have foul smell, are greasy and light grey in color and have tendencies of floating in the toilet bowl. Sometimes oil droplets from undigested fats may be spotted floating on water. Mal-absorption of carbohydrates and especially sugar lactose that is common in milk is experienced by patients suffering from celiac disease. Lactose consists of glucose and galactose and has to split into these sugars for it to be absorbed in the body (Thompson, 2006).  Ã‚   Lactase, which is the enzyme responsible for splitting glucose and galactose, is situated on the surface of the small intestinal villi. The damage of the intestinal wall due to inflammation causes mal-absorption of lactose in patients suffering from celiac disease. Symptoms of lactose mal-absorption include diarrhea, flatulence (passing of gas), pain in the abdomen and bloating. These symptoms are as a result of the unabsorped lactose passing into the colon where it is split into galactose and glucose by the bacteria present in the colon. Gases released by the bacteria are hydrogen and methane and are responsible for the flatulence. Increased gas in the stool also cause the floating of the stool in the toilet bowl. Signs and Symptoms of Mal-nutrition Some of the symptoms for nutrient deficiency include; loss of weight, fluid retention, anemia, bruising easily, peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage, osteoporosis, infertility and general muscle weakness. Weight loss is caused by the mal-absorption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Celiac disease causes increased appetite in the patients and therefore weight loss does not always occur. Protein is responsible of preventing fluid from leaking out of blood vessels and hence the reduction in protein levels causes fluid to leak into many tissues (edema) such as ankles and feet causing swelling of the same (Thompson, 2006).  Ã‚   Easy bruising is caused by mal-absorption of vitamin K leading to lack of blood clotting. Nerve damage is caused is caused by the deficiency of thiamine and vitamins B12, and may lead to poor balance, muscle weakness and numbness. Infertility normally occurs in women when the celiac disease is untreated. Muscle weakness is caused by low levels of magnesium a nd potassium. How Celiac Disease is diagnosed Symptoms associate with celiac disease may also be experienced in patients with other diseases such as Crohn’s disease and pancreatic problems (Blummer, 2010).   It is therefore important to carry out necessary testing to confirm celiac disease. Some of the recommended tests include small intestinal biopsy and specific antibody tests. Blood tests may also be performed to check vitamin deficiencies. Treatment of Celiac Disease There is no known cure for celiac disease and therefore gluten free diet is used as a form of treatment (Thompson, 2006).   Foods made from rye, barley and wheat should be avoided completely. Some tablets that might contain gluten should also be avoided by persons with celiac disease. Drugs for Celiac Disease Treatment Drugs used for the treatment of celiac disease are mostly food supplements for replacing nutrients that are lacking in the body (Fasano Troncone, 2008). Some of the drugs include; Dapsone, Effexor, Levaquin, Nexium, Prozac, Probiotics, Synthroid, Protonix and many more. References Blummer, I. (2010). Celiac Disease for Dummies. Chicago: For Dummies. Fasano, A., Troncone, R. ( 2008). Frontiers in Celiac Disease. London: Karger Publishers. Thompson, D. (2006). Ciliac disease nutrition guide. New York: American Diatetic Association.

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Visual analysis of The Merode Altarpiece Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Visual analysis of The Merode Altarpiece - Essay Example The Merode Altarpiece is a painting by Renaissance artist Robert Campin whose creation time is around 1427 to 1432. The painting was created in Tournai in the Netherlands, which is the artist’s place of origin but it is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum in the United States (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). The painting is divided into three panels; the main panel shows the moment just before the annunciation of Mary. She is sitting on the floor reading a bible and is looking down. To her left is an angel she is not aware of, with an oval table separating them. A small figure of Jesus is flying towards Mary holding a crucifix. The right panel has Saint Joseph in a carpentry workshop where he is making mousetraps with a townscape appearing behind him in an open window. The right panel has two figures, assumingly the commissioners of the painting, called the donors waiting to go inside an open door (Barnet, Peter, & Nancy 125). This painting also goes by the name à ¢â‚¬Å"The Annunciation†, which is an event in the Christian Holy Bible in which a virgin by the name of Mary receives the news of her appointment to be the earthly mother of God’s son, Jesus.An angel from heaven visits her while she is at home and gives her the good news. The name itself also hints one on the purpose of the painting: Christian believers or cathedrals for devotional and aesthetic purposes commissioned altarpieces. It is therefore a religious artwork. The artist captures the human figures and specifically their faces with their expressions on, making the artwork more of a combination of portraits to make a composition. However, there are outdoor scenes appearing from the openings and windows in the backgrounds depicting cityscapes. The work therefore combines both landscape and portraiture although the portraiture aspect seems to dominate more. According to the Metropolitan Museum, The Merode Altarpiece measures 64.5 cm in length by 117.8 cm as an overall painting with a main panel of dimensions 64.1cm by 63.2 cm, and two identical side panels measuring 64.5cm by 27.3cm each. The width of the painting is slightly below two times the height therefore creating a rectangular (landscape) orientation of the work. The artist employs much use of rectangles, squares, and straight lines in vertical or horizontal movements that harmoniously blend in with the shape of the frame. For instance, in the middle panel where the figures are in a room and the wall and ceiling lines originate from the background and come to meet the frame, creating a view as if one is peering through a window or the wall is missing (Nici 243). The frames merge with most of the shapes rather than disagree with or break them. The Merode Altarpiece is oil on Oakwood. The style of creating workspace and framing is popular as panel art. Panel art is a technique of creating frames in the renaissance period where artists had carpenters make them wooden panels covered with clo th and plastered with gesso paste to create a smooth painting surface (D’Elia 19). The work is done in oil paints, which is another preference of most renaissance artists. During the renaissance period, the use of tempera colors was becoming unpopular as artists discovered that oil

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Simple Recipe Of Making Macaroni And Cheese Essay

Simple Recipe Of Making Macaroni And Cheese - Essay Example The only thing you should be aware of is that before making any dish you should always wash your hands and clean yourself so as not to contaminate the dish and make a healthy and fresh one. After this process of approximately 15 minutes, you will have a yummy, fresh and ready to eat a meal of macaroni and cheese. The first and foremost step is to boil the macaroni and for that, you will need to take a medium-sized pan and fill it with six cups of water. Make sure that the water does not flow out when the noodles are poured in the water. Place this pan over the stove and turn it to the highest temperature then wait for the water to boil. While waiting, use your time constructively and efficiently by gathering all the ingredients and utensils needed for this dish. This is done to make sure that they are on the counter, at hand ready to be used when needed. The ingredients include a 1/4th cup of milk, 1/4th cup of margarine, macaroni noodles from the box and cheese sauce mix which is also provided in the box. The utensils needed are a strainer for draining the macaroni after it is boiled. By this time, the water must have started boiling if large bubbles are constantly rising on the surface of the pan. The process of boiling the water will probably take around seven to ten minutes. Now put the d ry noodles from the box into this pan of boiling water and keep stirring the noodles so they do not stick to the bottom of the pan. Make sure to use a plastic spoon and not a metal one to avoid the risk of burning your hand. Don’t leave the stove unattended or else the macaroni might stick together or even become softened. You can even check the macaroni by tasting it and once it reaches the perfect texture and density, you can then drain it.

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Integrated Marketing Communication Program For Pillow

Integrated Marketing Communication Program For Pillow Executive summary: Various PILLOW COMPANIES such as SATYAPAL AND ARCHIES etc. design various integrated marketing program. Although common objective of all IMC program is increase brand awareness, sale and design a unique image in customers mind. In order to address and attract customer all PILLOW companies launch various campaigns. To communicate with public and customers they advertise their campaign on TV, magazine, online and radio. Through their advertisement they want to design their brand image in customer mind. Besides advertisement, they also carried out promotion activity, public relation, direct marketing etc. Direct marketing is although time consuming but most effective tool for communication. Various PILLOW companies also organize various events in order to communicate properly with customers. Main purpose of this is to increase the sale of PILLOW. Before designing IMC program the company carries out market research in order to judge customers behaviors toward the products. For research they design the strategy. Before designing integrated marketing communication program it is necessary to judge consumers behavior toward PILLOW, it is necessary to known customers liking and disliking, these data provide various support during designing of IMC program. Although there are various media available for communicating but Print ads in magazine and news paper is seen most effective medium followed by television. After Research survey done by various PILLOW companies, it has been found that respondents were less brand conscious. There is no particular trend among customers. â€Å"Durability† and â€Å"comfort† are the major attributes considered by customer while buying PILLOW. Marketing plan plan Situation Analysis: Every organization faces a lot of problem at present time so it became necessary for every organization that before setting any objective carried out situation analysis in order to recognize strength, weakness, opportunities and threat present in our organization. According to Sally and John, marketing plans are â€Å"the written document or blueprint for implementing and controlling an organizations marketing activities related to a particular marketing strategy†. A successful marketing plan is able to improve organizations profits and growth, uses in objective setting and monitors results. So to gain a successful market plan it is necessary to understand the current situation comprehensively and trends affecting the future of the organization. There are two major reasons to explain why situation analysis plays a vital role in developing marketing plan. Firstly, dynamic marketing environment will lead to uncertainty, threats and opportunities for marketers. Marketing managers who success to know changes in environment through situation analysis can lead their companies to capitalize on opportunities and cope with threats created by changes. Then, systematically analyzing situational environments in order to identify our customers and understand their needs. There are certain opportunities in pillow industry, such as increase construction of houses, hotels etc increase market and market share through integrated PR, and advertisement and promotional campaign. Besides opportunities there is a lot of threat that create barrier for entry in to PILLOW industry. These threats are as follow: Increasing competition High price and decrease loyalty toward brand Main objective behind situation analysis is to known analyze customer, competitor and there strategy. Marketing objective: After situation analysis we became able to known our organization strength, weakness, opportunities and threat present in environment. It provides a lot of support in setting of objective. There may be a lot of marketing objective, some are as follow: Increase market share Create awareness among target audience. Use excessive advertising especially using media preferred by the target market. Create product belonging and position among buyers mind Marketing strategies: To achieve this objective we implement various strategies. Target market: Urban personality: High income group Hotel owners Marketing Mix Strategies : Main aim of pillow companies is to produce durable and comfortable pillow in various designs. This is mostly done to capture attention. They produce new and innovative pillow to capture more market share. Several pillow brands jump in the Indian market by producing high quality of pillow. Pricing range from Rs 500 Rs 1000 Pillow does not need too much promotion. The distribution channels for Pillow Company are as follows. MANUFACTURER (COMPANY) PILLOW SEND TO SHOWROOM CUSTOMER Internal Process It is as follows. Sample Cutting Stitching Washing Pressing and labeling Finishing Dispatched to store Packing and containers Explanation The sample is first send by the buyer. Its called a gold seal sample. In cutting dept, one piece is placed on the other and in this way a bundle of 50 PILLOW is made. Then the cutter cuts it. In the stitching dept, front end or the upper part is made. Then backend is made and they are assembled together in the assembly end. Washing can be done by simple garment wash or through the stone wash and chemicals. It is done according to the buyers request. In finishing dept, the quality of pillow is checked and mistakes are rectified. Then the pillow dispatched to the store. Then packing is done. It is done according to the buyers request. Then they are sent to the containers. Implementation tactics : Launch a blind ad campaign on billboards and magazines in all a class areas of major cities and magazine. Heavy advertising on TV, newspapers and magazines Set displays of pillow in showrooms and major dealer outlets in all cities. Reduce number of billboards, television and magazines advertisements. Continue Advertising Evaluation, Monitoring and Control: Goal of marketing plan is to achieve market objective that are established before implementation of marketing plan. We evaluate and control our strategic tactic by comparing our result with standard established before setting of plan, by measuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. If result is less than our standard than there any is default in implementation and monitoring. The people who are responsible for the monitoring and control of the marketing plan involves, the Marketing Executives, Sales Managers, Media Managers, Market Research Departments, and the Production Managers. Some activities must be carried out for precisely and closely evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies and tactics for example the gathering and structuring of data regarding market, product, consumers and the pricing trends, then the generation of daily sales report should be maintained and then in the end continuous reconfirming of the marketing budget and activities by the managers of different divisions. The Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Integrated Marketing Communications is a term used to describe a holistic approach to marketing communication. It aims to ensure consistency of message and the complementary use of media. The concept includes online and offline marketing channels. Online marketing channels include any e-marketing campaigns or programs, pay-per-click, affiliate, email, banner to latest web related channels for webinar, blog, micro-blogging, RSS, podcast, and Internet TV. Offline marketing channels are traditional print (newspaper, magazine), mail order, public relations, industry relations, billboard, radio, and television. A company develops its integrated marketing communication programme using all the elements of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) So Integrated marketing communication is integration of all marketing tools, approaches, and resources within a company which maximizes impact on consumer mind and which results into maximum profit at minimum cost. Promotional activities include Advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling activities. It also includes internet marketing, sponsorship marketing, direct marketing, database marketing and public relations. And integration of all these promotional tools along with other components of marketing mix to gain edge over competitor is called Integrated Marketing Communication. Situational analysis : First of all we carried out we carried out situation analysis in order to understood problem. In this we identify our competitors and their strategy for example Archies carried out competitor analysis and find out various strategy adopted by other pillow companies. After situation analysis Archies find out that the California gold rush whose trademark blue pillow have been an American clothing staple for generations, had fallen on hard times by 2004 and needed a change in strategic direction.After seven consecutive years of falling sales, profits turned to losses in 2003. Management responded to the decline by moving its manufacturing plants offshore and by introducing a new line of discount pillow in showroom. Under situation analysis we also analyze financial position of company. IMC objective : There are various IMC objective set by pillow company after situation analysis in order to accomplish their goal. Some of objective is as follow: To Increase sale by 50% in six month To Increase brand awareness To Increase customer loyalty To Increase desire of customer To Increase repeat purchase To measure customer satisfaction To create relationship with customer on personal level To control and observe public opinion To receive feedback from customer on regular basis Media objectives state the impact that you expect to have on an audience in terms of reach and frequency. Objectives must meet the following criteria: Measurability Quantifiability Realism time-specificity Budget determination: We need to establish what amount of money will be needed to achieve the IMC objectives.Although there is various methods present to determine what amount of money invest on IMC. These methods are as follow: Affordable Method Percentage of Sales Method Unit of Sales Method Zero Budgeting Method In affordable method we invest money on IMC as soon as we can afford. However in Percentage of Sales Method amount of money invest on IMC tool depend on what amount of sale we expect to achieve during course of year. These percentages are mostly adhoc and sometime based on judgment. In Unit of Sales Method Company allocate a certain proportion of cost of product to promotion. Thus say if ex factory cost of the product is say Rs 100/ the company will allot Rs.10/- toward promotion cost. Hence if company expects sale 10,000 unit of the product, thus allocated IMC budget will be Rs.100.000/-. In Zero Budgeting Method, company determine what need to achieve in term of sale and then rework backward in term of what money will be needed to be allocate to deliver those customers. Thus if company believe that in order to achieve their sales, 10,000 customers need to purchase their jeans once during the planning period than it will work out what number of prospective customers will needed to be targeted through ATL and BTL activity, in order to achieve that result. IMC Methodologies There are various component of integrated marketing communication that is as follow: Advertisement Advertisement is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas or products by an identified sponsor. Objective of any ads is to increase brand awareness. Objectives: There are mostly three objective of advertisement campaign, that is as follow: Inform Persuade Remind 1. Inform: Informative advertising, seeks to tell the market about the pillow, explain the new quality added in pillow, provide information on pricing, and build awareness of both the pillow quality and the company. Such objectives are normally pursued at the launch of a new quality pillow, or re-launch / up-date of an existing pillow. 2. Persuade: Here objectives are to encourage the target audience to switch brands, make the purchase, and create a preference in the market for the pillow as opposed to its competition. Advertising of this nature is required in highly competitive markets, where a range of pillow design competes directly with each other. In such circumstances businesses often seek to differentiate their pillow through Comparison Advertising either directly or indirectly comparing its pillow to that of its competitors. 3. Remind: Reminder Advertising, is used to maintain interest and awareness of a well established pillow brand in the market, often in the latter stages of its product life cycle. It is often used at the Point-of-Purchase to remind consumers of the Brand. Advertisement budget: Having identified advertising objectives, the advertising budget must be set. Determining exactly how much a business should spend on advertising to achieve the desired level of sales. Commonly, the decision is based on past experience of expenditure on advertising, and the sales subsequently achieved. There are however a number of factors that can be considered in setting the advertising budget Factors influencing the setting of advertising Budgets: Product life cycle stage: New products in the Launch stage of their Product Life Cycle, will normally require greater expenditure on advertising to create product awareness, and encourage consumers to trial the product. Whilst products that have reached Maturity in their product life cycle, will often require smaller advertising budgets to achieve the level of sales required. Competition: The number of competitors in the market, and their expenditure on advertising competing products, will influence a business to spend to a similar or higher degree. Product Differentiation: A product very similar to other products on the market may require greater expenditure on advertising to differentiate it from its competitors. Advertising Strategy: Developing an Advertising Strategy to achieve the objectives of a campaign, requires that consideration be given to both the ‘Message which will be communicated and the ‘Media through which it will be sent Advertising Message An advertising campaign, no matter how much money is spent, no matter what media is used, will only be successful if the Message appeals to the target audience. Given the level of advertising which bombards the average consumer, a successful advertising message must stand out amongst the advertising clutter. Thus marketing professionals are required to be creative, imaginative and innovative in developing the advertising message, both in terms of what is said, and How it is said? What is said This is often referred to as the ‘Big Idea, and will normally address the key benefits sought by the target audience, motivating the audience to pay attention. Given the constant search for new ways to appeal to target audiences, it is difficult to categories the content of advertising messages which a business may send; below we include a couple of examples of actual message strategy. For example: Satyapal brand, pillow and clothing: Satyapal. Keep it Simple. Satyapal, Its True. Fashion is nothing without people. In this example massage that draw attention of youth is quality must should be greater because without quality, fashion is zero. How they say it During delivery of advertisement massage in customer mind take the personality symbol, lifestyle and musical as consideration. In addition the tone of the advertisement will need to be established, which can be either positive or negative. The advert may therefore promote positive feelings of fun, contentment, and happiness or take on a more negative, somber, or even threatening tone. Selecting Advertising Media: In addition to deciding upon the content, style and tone of the advertising message, the media through which the message will be communicated to the target audience must also be selected. Mostly for pillow advertisement we select media such as magazine, newspaper and outdoor. TV rarely used for advertisement of pillow. In order to select the most appropriate media, consideration must should be given to various advantage and disadvantage of various media. Strengths and weakness of various media are as given below: Television : Strengths Dynamic attention getting media, combining visual, sound and animated stimulus. Strong potential Impact High market coverage Good at demonstrating products Weaknesses: Highly expensive Poor at communicating lengthy technical information Newspapers: Strengths: Targeting is possible through profiling readership Good level of market coverage Weaknesses: Static media, not suitable for product demonstration Potential for poor reproduction, sometimes limited to black and white print Short-life span, i.e. todays newspapers become tomorrows rubbish Magazines: Strengths: High quality reproduction, of color images Targeting is possible through specialist publications Good pass on readership Weaknesses: Static media, not suitable for product demonstration Lengthy lead-time between advert being placed and magazine being published Outdoor: Strengths: High repeat exposure to advert Relatively low cost Low levels of competition, in terms of advertising clutter Weaknesses: Limited audience selectivity / targeting possible Static media, not suitable for product demonstrations Difficult to monitor effectiveness â€Å"Make them your own† is the name of the campaign launched by Archies to boost the sale of pillow. This is one of the most aggressive marketing and advertising strategy followed by pillow to move up the sales. The theme of this marketing campaign is narcissistic youth. It will feature youth who will check themselves out in pillow. The advertising will target the age group of house hold wives. Mostly Archies also select TV, Magazine, and Newspaper as a media for delivering there massage about their product in customer mind. PRINT AD OF PILLOW Sale promotion: Sale promotion is collection of various consumers and trade promotional tool such as rebate, discount, gift, contest, coupons, price deal, contest game, sampling etc. to increase sale of products. There are certain objectives of sale promotion. However main objective is to increase immediate sale because Sales Managers are under great pressure to produce results quickly. Objective: There are certain objectives of sale promotion that are as follow: To increase immediate customer sale To increase support among the marketers sales force. To gain the support of the trade in marketing the product Reasons for Growth of Sales Promotion: There are number of reason for growth of company in sale promotion some are as follow: 1. Increasing Competition Due to increase in competition, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to compete on quality. They are therefore resorting to more innovative methods of sales promotion. In order to have a competitive advantage over its competitors like ARCHIES, SATYAPAL.JNO, once a year has a grand sale of up to 50%. 2. Customers Have Become More Price Sensitive: The increase price sensitivity is direct result of rampant inflation. Economic support this trend further, as a result customers and dealer became more sensitive toward price. If the customers get branded PILLOW at half the actual price, then they are definitely going to make huge purchases of SATYAPAL PILLOW because they want value for their money, as they are price sensitive. 3. Sales Promotions Generally Create an Immediate Positive Impact on Sales: Advertising, personal selling and other methods of promotion produce slower impact on sales in compared to sales promotion. Sales promotions are mostly for short duration, for a specified period, leading to a sense of urgency in consumers to buy now. This creates an immediate positive impact on sales. 4. Products have become more standardized: In many product categories there is proliferation of brand or line extension and me too many brands. Most of brand perceived by consumer varies little in price. Due to this it became very difficult for advertiser to reposition their product in customers mind. Due to which they focus on more and more on sale promotion to get immediate result. 6. Advertising Has Become More Expensive and Less Effective: All the advertising media have become quite expensive. Audio-visual medium, which is considered as the most effective for short-duration ads, may cost in excess of Rs. 1 lakh for a 10 second exposure during prime time. In many cases, consumers have reached a point of boredom due to excessive advertising on TV. Firms with small budgets cannot compete with big companies, which spend huge sums of money on advertising. For these small budget firms, sales promotion is a more cost-effective promotion method to produce sales results. 7. Trade Has Become More Powerful: At present time Retailers and wholesalers have became more powerful and demand extra facility from company to promote their product. Company has no other alternative. Besides these there is also various kind reason such as Excess Stocks, Impulse Buying Is Increasing, Sales Promotions Maximize Profits etc. Promotion Strategies: Promotional strategy is mostly run to change consumers behavior, to increase brand image, to increase profit, to increase sale of various good. There are mostly two kind of sale promotion, one is directed toward consumer and other one is directed toward trade such as dealer, supplier, retailer etc. Consumer sale promotion tool: there are a lot of promotional tool used to increase sale. Consumer sale promotion is directed toward consumer. It stimulate consumer to purchase their product rapidly. There are a lot of tool that are as follow: Price deal: Price deal is temporary reduction in price of product. There are two type of deal: cents-off deals and price-pack deals. Price deal is given at various times to stimulate purchase of pillow. Coupon: A coupon is typically a printed certificate giving the bearer a stated price reduction or special value on a specific product, generally for a specific period. Various company issue various kind of coupon that contain various discount price, customer get the advantage of this discount and purchase pillow at low price. Offer: There are various kind of gift is offer by various pillow industries. For example the branding magazine said that the archives will be conducting a marketing campaign centered on the idea that your favorite songs and your favorite pillow, make the perfect fit. Customers who try on a pair of the retailers new pillow will receive a free iTMS download. The campaign will be marketed with print and TV ads, and will feature TV commercials with musicians singing covers of their favorite song while wearing satyapal jeans. The company will be offering those collected covers in a CD at retail ARCHIES locations for customers who make a US$60 or more ARCHIES purchase. Premium: sometime various companies like Jno, SATYAPAL etc. offer some gift or at bargain price to encourage customer buying. Sampling: Some company like American eagles to known customer feedback provide free simple of various PILLOW according to their preference. Advertising Specialities: Advertising specialities also call a promotional product. It mostly given to our loyal customers. It includes various card like birthday card, New Year card. It is mostly done to retain old customer. Trade sale promotion tool: Objectives of Trade Sales Promotion: Gain/maintain distribution Influence resellers to promote product Influence resellers to offer price discount Increase reseller inventory Defend against competitors Avoid reduction of normal prices There are various sale promotion tools that stimulate trade to promote company product. There are a lot of trade sale promotion tools some are as discussed below: Trade Allowances: Trade allowances are short-term special allowances, discounts, or deals granted to resellers to stimulate reseller to rapid purchase of their product. Point-of-Purchase Display: Point-of-purchase displays are generally used at the retail level to call customer attention to a featured product. In this company employees observe every retail shop and that retail shop that display more company product will be winner of special gift or prize Trade Shows: A trade show is periodic, semi periodic public event at which supplier displays their Pillow and provides information about pillow quality and price to potential buyer. After implementing these different techniques of sale promotion we monitor result and evaluate these by comparing with objective set before implementation of plan. Public relation Public relation is nothing but creating a favorable relation for organization and product which is done through used of various communication channel and tool. So public relation is mostly done to improve the image of company and build good image in customers mind. So public relation may be define as â€Å"Public Relations is a set of management, supervisory, and technical functions that foster an organizations ability to strategically listen to, appreciate, and respond to those persons whose mutually beneficial relationships with the organization are necessary if it is to achieve its missions and values. Objective: like other aspect of marketing, public relation is also used to address several broad aspect of marketing like: Building Product Awareness When introducing a new product or relaunching an existing product, marketers can use a PR element that generates consumer attention and awareness through media placements and special events. Creating Interest: Public Relation create public interest to use the product at least for once time. Providing Information: Through the Public relation we can provide a lot of information about company activity and their product feature and service provided by company. This information is delivered to public through newspaper, article website, collateral material; PR helps in delivering information that helps to public in understanding the product feature. Stimulating Demand: A positive article in a newspaper, on TV, news show or mentioned on the Internet, often results in a discernable increase in product sales. Reinforcing the Brand: In many companies like JNO, SATYAPAL PILL Company the public relations function is also involved with brand reinforcement by maintaining positive relationships with key audiences, and thereby aiding in building a strong image. Direct Marketing Direct marketing is business of selling company product directly to customers through mail order, telephone, fax, e-mails, or web selling, rather than through retailers. Objective: There are mostly to objective for which direct marketing is carried out these are as follow: Convert not user to user. It is mostly done to obtain new client. The identification of new potential clients is very crucial when it comes to recruit new prospects and transformed them into your clients. The perpetual loyalty of customers. A loyal consumer cost less than new customers. Strategy: Various pillow industry like archives, satyapal involved in direct marketing to get more market share. These companies sent a mail-order catalog to approximately prospective customers. 100-page catalog, developed in-house, targets both men and women and also contains 10 pages devoted to home products. There are various tools for direct marketing these are as : Direct mail, Telemarketing, Email Marketing ,faxing, Voicemail, Couponing, Direct response television marketing. Besides these pillow producing company also used various methods to promote their product. One method that archiess has recently taken is Path Breaking Strategy. Path breaking strategy byARCIES: This strategy is mostly for that pillow whose cost above Rs.600. We know a lot of thing about EMIs for house, car and other kind of white goods. But these EMIs is first time adopted by archives for jeans. This idea has been conceptualized by archives. Downturn market, cost cutting everywhere and empty pockets is the present situation; and here to curb all these hindrances, Archies is now, for the first time ever offering EMI facilities on its pillow in India. Simply shop for more than Rs. 600 and you can avail this offer. This amount will be set off through your credit card in three equal installments. They have also tied up with ICICI Bank for the credit card settlement. There are certain objectives behind this strategy that are as follow: To increase the sales of premium pillow wear category that is worth more than Rs. 800 per pillow. To ensure sales throughout the year irrespective of seasonality: How will this objective be achieved: Indian market for apparels is highly driven by seasonalit

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The Poverty-stricken Youth of America

America has been described as a â€Å"melting pot†Ã¢â‚¬â€œ a land full of diversity. With that diversity comes a full range of income levels and statuses of its inhabitants, from the very, very rich to the destitute. Ronald Taylor†s article entitled â€Å"African-American Youth: Their Social and Economic Status in the United States† focuses on the issue of polarization. Polarization occurs when an increase of the percentage of people in poverty coincides with an increase of the percentage of people with higher incomes. Fewer people are considered ‘middle class†, but are either rich or poor. This paper will focus on the poverty-stricken youth of America. How are today†s poor white and poor non-white youth alike? How do they differ? Sociologists and researchers have found evidence to justify both, and I hope to focus on major points for both issues. Whether you†re white, African-American, or Hispanic, poverty for today†s youth has many recurring themes. A recent article by Duncan and Brooks for The Education Digest points out some very discerning facts that face today†s poor youth. â€Å"Low Income is linked with a variety of poor outcomes for children, from low birth weight and poor nutrition in infancy to increased chances of academic failure, emotional distress, and unwed childbirth in adolescence.† (Duncan& Brooks, pg. 1). They also claim that low-income preschoolers show poorer cognitive and verbal skills because they are exposed to fewer toys, books, and other brain-stimulating items at home than their higher-income classmates. Low-income adolescents, in later years, will experience conflict between their economically stressed parents, as well as lower self-esteem than other teenaged children. An article from the Ojibwe News, a Native American Magazine, gives a startling statistic discovered by research analysts for the Minnesota Private College Research Foundation. They found that a child from a family earning $25,000 or less annually is only one-half as likely to enroll in college as a child from a family with an annual income of $50,000 or more. Both white and non-white youth in poverty experience a higher rate of teenage pregnancy, AIDS, and tend to live in single-parent homes. There are several differences that exist between white and non-white youth that live in poverty. Recent research for low-income youth has shown that the most important factor that contributes to the gap between employment rates of minority and white youth can be attributed to their social network. Three reasons were cited in lecture as to what lead to the declination of life chances among African-American youth in poverty. They are as follows: 1. â€Å"Affirmative Action† primarily helped better-educated, especially professional workers. 2. Relocation of industry to suburbs or abroad reduces â€Å"living wage† jobs for non-college educated. Lack of network contacts, plus continuing discrimination, puts minorities last in line. 3. Concentration of poverty in center cities. Higher income black families go to the suburbs for jobs. Therefore, loss of network contacts, community organizations, and the like. These reasons attribute to the starling fact that Black poverty rates and unemployment rates remain at approximately 3 times the white rate. Israel and Seeborg in their article entitled â€Å"The Impact of Youth Characteristics and Experiences on Transitions out of Poverty† state that â€Å"†¦being black increases the probability of exposure to adverse social and economic conditions (i.e. underclass environment)†¦Ã¢â‚¬  which, in turn, reduces the chance that new generations can get out of poverty. This leads us to another point-if African-Americans experience the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, which perpetuates continuing generational poverty, will there ever be a time when African-American adolescents get out of poverty? It is not only African-Americans that feel a more pronounced state of poverty. The Ojibwe News, a native American newspaper, focuses on the plights of Native American youth in Minnesota, as well as statistical evidence of other minority students. â€Å"Divided We Fall: The Declining Chance for College Among Minnesota Youth From Low-Income Families and Communities of Color† is based upon information from the Census Bureau, the Minnesota Department of Education and other sources, and examined high school dropout and college participation rates and how they are affected by such socioeconomic factors as race, family income, and parental education (Laird, pg. 2). The Ojibwe News showed a strong correlation between education and earnings. Considering that the present funding system for public schools usually provides from two to five times as much money for wealthy school districts as for the poorest, and that whites are twice as likely to have good access to computers, it is no surprise that this correlation exists. According to projections by the Minnesota Department of Education, 62% of all black students and 56% of all Native American students who entered public high school in the fall of 1991 will drop out by 1995. Nearly 50% of Hispanic students and 21% of Asian students were projected to drop out as well. The rate for white students? Only 16%. The article also explains how those 18 to 24 year-old dependents with at least one parent who had completed four years of college were twice as likely to enroll in college than those peers who parents had no post-secondary education (Laird, pg. 1). In summary, there exist many similarities and differences between white youth and non-white youth in American cities. A recurring solution emphasized by researches and in lecture is the idea of socialization. By integrating poor minority and poor white students with their wealthier peers, as done in the Gautreaux program, the continuation of poverty can be decreased.

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Technology And The Healthcare Field - 1522 Words

The public is discussing the advancements of technology in the healthcare field daily, focusing on the improvements of technology regarding nurses as a whole. Automatically coming to the conclusion that nurses are going to be without a job because technology will quickly take over. Today’s healthcare advances are causing much controversy regarding the roles of nurses/nursing. Nurses and even ones who are not associated to the healthcare field worry that in the blink of an eye; technology will take over nurses as a whole. As seeing where they are coming from, they must not be aware that there is always going to be a place for a nurse. With some scholars pointing to technology as a replacement for nurses, others point out benefits of these technologies. Ultimately, however, technology will always be incapable of providing the care and attention a nurse can, but technology does help nurses complete their job more effectively through some of these benefits such as, electronic rec ord-keeping, mobile technology, and even emerging technology in the nurse calling system. Technology is incapable of providing the care and attention in the same aspect a nurse can. According to the Nurses Review, Maintaining the Art of Nursing in an Age of Technology, Barbara Nash states, â€Å"Technology is here to stay and more incredible advances are arriving daily. We, as nurses, must make certain that these technological wonders do not become more important than the human beings we are caring for†Show MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Technology On The Field Of Healthcare Essay1212 Words   |  5 Pageswith more efficient technology, but there is still one career field which technology may never have the capability to overrun. Healthcare professionals such as medical doctors, physician assistants, occupational therapists, and nurses possess personal qualities which are better emulated by human beings than technology, qualities which are vital to being successful in the field of healthcare. These qualities include empathy, respect, trustworthiness, and humbleness. Man y career fields have become obsoleteRead MoreHealthcare Technology And The Medical Field771 Words   |  4 PagesHealthcare technology is very crucial in the medical field and its constantly changing and updating over the years. The healthcare system went from a large amount of paperwork and files to electronic databases. Today, patients have access to their electronic health records, EOB’s, and etc. The new technology today was developed to make everything more efficient and more accessible to everyone. It was developed to meet everyone’s needs within the medical field. In one article, it states that the healthcareRead MoreThe Impact Of Technology On The Healthcare Field1541 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract While advancements in technology have positively impacted the nursing field, it has also created huge concerns with patient privacy and sharing of protected health information leading to detrimental effects to patients and their families. Indeed, technology is changing the face of healthcare with positive innovations to reduce medication errors and documentation errors. However, technology at our fingertips has created immense concerns with sharing of protected health information of patientsRead MoreImportance Of Information Technology And The Healthcare Industry1452 Words   |  6 PagesOF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN HEALTHCARE. Jude Alumuku, SEIS 605-07 I. Introduction. II. Background Information A. What is Information Technology B. Information technology and the healthcare industry. C. Facts about Information technology and its application in Healthcare 1.0 Strategic Analysis – Industry. 1.1 Strategic Analysis – Competition III. Healthcare Information Technology Adoption, Quality and Costs IV. Problems With health Information technology V. Potential SolutionsRead MoreThe Field Of Health Information Technology1359 Words   |  6 PagesThe field of Health Information Technology is a fast growing field that helps providers manage their patient care in a better way and provide us with more secure healthcare information. Health Information Technology professionals are really important to this field. They specialize in information management and analytical sciences in their field in order to identify, define, manage, and communicate the data. Without them many of the advances in healthcare would not have happened and they play a majorRead MoreDefinition Of Health Information Technology875 Words   |  4 PagesDefinition of Health Informatics Introduction â€Å"Information is power† as the popular saying goes, is never proper than now with the current digital revolution. This digital revolution has impacted every major industry (including the healthcare industry). The healthcare industry is experiencing an ever increasing production of data which has resulted in the growth of new hardware and software and specialties (Hoyt Yoshihashi, 2014) to handle the processing and transformation of these data into informationRead MoreTechnology Is The Most Useful Servant But Dangerous Master Essay1374 Words   |  6 PagesSomeone once said, â€Å"Technology is the most useful servant but dangerous master.† In other words, technology can be either a beneficial tool that helps in the advancement of civilization or a lethal weapon that helps in the destruction/demolishment of society. Technology is a very powerful tool that provides numerous services (i.e telecommunication, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, and etc) to the gener al public. It is not a secret that technology is an integral part of the human life. EveryoneRead MoreThe Importance Of The Joint Commission s Mission Statement1299 Words   |  6 PagesHealthcare is ever changing and anyone in the healthcare profession needs to stay up to date with the evolving technologies. The goal of most healthcare facilities is to keep patients safe, provide excellent care and keep the facilities profitable all at the same time. Organizations such as The Joint Commission have been established to ensure this happens. The Joint Commission’s mission statement is â€Å"All people always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settingsRead MoreThe Impact Of Technology On A Healthcare Setting961 Words   |  4 PagesWebinars is a technology which can also be used for seminars, meetings, and interacting with individuals from all over the globe by having internet access that provides connection for communication (McGonigle, 2015). The purpose of the technology in a healthcare setting can be for continuing education and keep staff members aware of new evidence based findings. As healthcare settings are constantly changing all employees must remain competent in their particular filed of work in order to provideRead MoreThe Impact Of Technology On The Medical Field1206 Words   |  5 PagesTechnological advancements in healthcare are moving at a very fast pace in the world today. There are no signs that in the future, it will slow down. The impact of technology on the medical field is immense. Computers have provided technological advancement in many fields but in the field of medicine, in the last decade, advancements have had an enormous impact. Innovative technologies assist healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat and care for patients. For example, information is readily